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3. [defaultNick]   (18.01.2011 12:07)
As for the plugin but Max raised an error during the run. What I did, I install the Unwrella v2.12, 3d-io Flatiron 1.55, 3d-io UV-Packer v1.10. You can see on my site. After Downloaded the official site a new version of the Bones Pro 4,5 and install. Replace the main plug-in [ BonesPro_2010_x64.dlm ] file only (in 3ds max "plugins" folder) by the cracked one.
Enjoy it!

2. [defaultNick]   (17.01.2011 01:13)
I Will help . You will wait a bit before tomorrow. I know that works. I will have to install

1. SINSIR VISION SINSIR VISION [SINSIR]   (16.01.2011 23:14)
thanx again nick for everything it's coming along but the plug in is missing some things i guess because it's not the vip version they really expect pll that cant afford it to pay a few hundred to a few thousand for each plug in smh but i got a hold of the bones pro 4.21 it's installed but can't get the licensee manger to stop so i can't crack it any ideas on how to do it i did everything i can to crack it but can't get it to go, get at me share ure thoughts on this like i said it installed but don't know how to stop the manger everything else from the files are in the max cracked registry is set but for the code to stop the manger then paste the code won't work drop me some info if u can thanx again

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