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Autodesk Alias Automotive v2010 32/64 bit

Autodesk® Alias® Automotive — лидирующий в отрасли продукт для автомобильного дизайна, выбор лучших автодизайнерских студиий по всему миру. В продукте представлен полный набор инструментов для визуализации и анализа охватывающий весь процесс моделирования изделий сложной формы, от создания эскизов до получения готовых поверхностей класса А. Благодаря продвинутым технологическим процессам, программное обеспечение помогает автомобильным компаниям уменьшить время и ресурсы на доработку(исправление) продукта и разрабатывать проекты быстрее. Autodesk Alias Automotive помогает проектировщикам управлять своими проектами, содействуя в процессе разработки вместе с инструментами для эффективного усовершенствования моделей и создания качественной продукции, кривых поверхностей NURBS(неоднородный рациональный B-сплайн, при его генерации и представлении) многократного использования в инжиниринге.

Autodesk® Alias® Automotive software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, is an industry-leading application for automotive design and styling and the choice of leading automotive styling studios throughout the world. The software provides a comprehensive set of visualization and analysis tools for the entire shape-definition process, from concept sketches through Class-A surfacing. With an advanced workflow, the software helps automotive companies reduce rework and produce design iterations faster. Autodesk Alias Automotive helps designers control their designs further into the development process with tools to efficiently refine models and create production-quality, reusable NURBS surfaces for engineering. Effective and Easy-to-Use Navigation – An updated user interface, optimized presets and additional Getting Started and learning content help to increase productivity and improve the user experience. Intuitive 3D viewing is one click away. The easy-to-use Autodesk ViewCube navigation tool makes it easier to view the model with traditional camera tools. The navigation bar consolidates common camera tools such Camera Twist, bookmarks, and nonproportional scaling for quick access.

Автомобильный дизайн:
* Сканированные данные
* Поверхности класса A
* Обратное проектирование
* Анализ поверхностей
* Концептуальные 3D модели
* Опытные образцы
* Фотореалистичные изображения
* Эскизы
* Иллюстрации
* Анимационные ролики

With Autodesk Alias products, designers can:
* Create and evaluate Class A surfaces that meet exacting automotive industry standards.
* Increase the flexibility of design decisions and prevent design intent from being altered or lost during the vehicle engineering phase.
* Efficiently refine models and create production-quality, reusable NURBS surfaces for automotive engineering.
* Accelerate automotive development time and reduce rework.
* Facilitate the workflow between digital modelling and scanned physical prototypes.
* Improve collaboration with engineering teams to address all aesthetic and functional requirements.

New Features for 2010:

New and improved functionality for both new and experienced users further lowers barriers of adoption and increases modeling productivity and design quality.
Support for the Mac – The Autodesk Alias 2010 product line marks a major milestone with the first release on the Mac OS X.
Enhanced Visualization Tools – The new Material Library offers a collection of preset shaders and contains more than 250 common materials and textures. Common material descriptions from the Material Library make moving data from Alias to Autodesk Showcase software more efficient and provides better visual continuity.
Rapid Prototyping – The 2010 release provides simplified rapid prototyping output. A wizard guides users through stitching, mesh tessellation and the creation of wall thickness to quickly output STL or color ZPR files. Better development and refinement of designs before committing to production helps to reduce the number of physical prototypes required.
DWF Export – Create DWF files with a single click. The DWF format helps to protect the integrity of your d esign and allows for precise publishing, rendering and printing of even the most complex digital models.

Autodesk Alias Surface and Autodesk Alias Automotive:
Technical Surfacing Enhancements – With productivity-enhancing tools such as Align, Trim Convert and Surface Fillets, users can create high-quality and Class-A surfaces in a fraction of the time previously needed.
Hybrid Modeling Workflows – Integrate NURBS data into scan data and then evaluate and refine the hybrid model without resurfacing the entire model. Enhancements include a more powerful Mesh Collar workflow. The addition of Deviation Color feedback to key tools improves the interaction of mesh workflows.
Symmetrical Modeling – This new workflow for modeling significantly reduces the time and risk of creating perfectly symmetrical curves and surfaces.

ОС: WinAll
Язык: англ

Pass: t-mick

Autodesk Alias Automotive v2010 32bit

Autodesk Alias Automotive v2010 64bit
Category: 3D Soft | Added: defaultNick (09.12.2009)
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Total Comments: 5
в архиве все в порядке, открывай alias2010_64bit.bat появиться черный экран он начнет
разархивирование в конце попросит нажатие любой клавиш, после етава появиться exe файл и creck

bolshoe spasibo.seichas poprobuyu.

v arxive net exe faila etoi progi,kakie to drugie exe faili. v tochosti takje stavitsya i maya (ya v maya rabotayu). naverno arxiv popalsya bitii.zavtra skachayu 32 bitnuyu versiyu,mojet povezyot sad
vot sqreen s moego kompa:

1. First Create a directory on the c: drive (even if you install Alias Automotive on different drive) called
2. Copy the alias.dat and lmcryptsgiawd.exe file to this directory.
3. Install Autodesk Alias Automotive 2010
4. Goto start-->all programs-->Autodesk-->common utilities-->FlexLM license utilities
5. Under system settings copy Ethernet address
6. Open the file (from the directory FLEXLM) alias.dat with Wordpad and replace all words "your host" with the copied Ethernet address (e.g. HOSTID=002638350364). Save and close wordpad
7. Using the run utility and type: lmcryptsgiawd.exe alias.dat
8. Goto start-->all programs-->Autodesk-->Alias 2010-->Licensing
select "I have a license that I need to install" > "I would like to install license from a file" (Check "Install to default license file (strongly recommended)")
9. Browse to the path of the file alias.dat
10. Click install
11. In folder FLEXLM the licence file aw.dat will be created. Remove now an unnecessary file alias.dat.
12. Restart computer

a kak stavit? nikakoi instrukcii net. kto nibud stavil? pomogite esli da.

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