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CGWorkshops - Video Game Animation

CGWorkshops - Video Game Animation | 12.16 GB

This course will teach you how to animate some of the most common video game animations: cycles, transitions & introductions. 5-8 hours of video lessons each week will go over step by step how Kyle creates each of these animations. Outside of the video lessons, the course will require about 6-15 hours per week depending on skill level. Each week there will also be a 2 hr live Q&A where Kyle will critique assignments and answer questions.
In week 1 we’ll be covering cycles. Cycles are any animations that are able to loop & repeat themselves. We’ll go over how to create these quickly and still be able to bring life into the character.
Week 2 will cover transitions. Transitions are animations that connect different player states. Standing to crouching, taking a weapon out, getting into a vehicle, the list goes on and on. We’ll go over workflows for creating these quickly & efficiently and how to add some character to them.
Week 3 is character introductions. You’ve just gotten to the end of the Dungeon Level, you’ve defeated all the enemies and you think you’re home free, when all of a sudden a giant troll busts down a door and gives a giant roar! That’s a character introduction. We’ll be using all the tips & tricks we’ve learned to create a cinematic character introduction animation.
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