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BluffTitler DX9 v8.0

  BluffTitler DX9 - это программа для создания красивых текстовых эффектов применямых при DVD - авторинге, а также трехмерной мультипликации. Результат можно просматривать в реальном времени с экспортом в картинку, видео формат, VJ и вебсайты. Мультипликации построены из слоев, которые могут отделяться независимо. BluffTitler поддерживает множество различных типов слоев: камера, свет, текст, картика, видео, плазма, частица и аудио и т.д. Слои могут быть связаны друг с другом для создания специальных эффектов. Программа тесно интегрируется с такими пакетами как: Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Ulead VideoStudio, MAGIX Video, Canopus Edius и Adobe Premiere.

What's new in BluffTitler DX9 8.0:

· New layer: Container layer
· New layer: Lightning layer
· New layer: Lense Flare layer
· New layer: Voxel layer
· Playlists. Choose Settings > Playlist Window to display the playlist window
· Shell window. Choose Settings > Shell Window to display the shell window
· New menu item: File > Export as Template...
· Blackmagic DeckLink output (only in iTV version)
· Support for multi-monitor systems
· Advanced time tags in the text layer
· Options dialog: choose Settings > General Options...
· Vertical align composition effects in the text layer
· New light layer properties: Shadow Softness, Beam Colour, Flare Size and Flare Colour
· Shadows and lightbeams are now generated by text, EPS, picture, model and sketch layers
· New text layer effect: Single Sided
· New text layer property: Encrypt
· New picture layer effects: Single Sided, Skybox and 2D in Foreground
· New particle layer effects: Pointing Upwards and Pointing towards Flight Direction
· New particle layer properties: Chameleon, Effect Size, Launch Colour, Launch Colour Tolerance, Grid and Target Layer
· New sketch layer effects: Attached Layers point Upwards and Attached Layers follow Sketch
· New scroller layer property: Transparency
· New plasma layer effects: Horizontal, Vertical and Radial Gradient
· New sketch layer effect: Square
· New model layer property: Colour
· New passe-partout layer effects: Vertical Bars and Horizontal Bars
· All demo shows that come with the installer now have the widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio
· When editing, the active layer is rendered with a local coordinate system. This can be turned on/off by pressing or by choosing Settings > Show safe Area + Arrows
· Optimized rendering for realtime applications
· Advanced IPC commands and command line options for system integration
· Option to export as compressed AVI with transparency info (compressed 32 bits RGBA)
· Bitmap fonts: press the new Select Bitmap Font button in the font dialog. Use Alphabix to create bitmap fonts
· Video layer can play animated GIF files
· Video layer is updated when timeslider is moved
· Attach borders to picture, video and video capture layers
· Volume property in audio and video layers
· Maximum number of particles increased from 1.000 to 10.000
· Maximum number of characters in the text layer increased from 500 to 1000
· Maximum show duration increased from 3 to 60 minutes
· Use IE proxy settings option in the internet options dialog
· Premultiplied alpha channel in SDI output and video export
· Support for UNC paths
· Intuitive camera position mouse control
· Proper Would you like to overwrite? messagebox when saving show with all media files

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