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Home » 2011 » May » 2 » Designing and Sketching with Digital Clay

Designing and Sketching with Digital Clay

Designing with Digital Clay - Cesar Dac0l Jr
Sketching with Digital Clay - Jeff McAteer

Designing with Digital Clay

Creature Design: Gill-Man
Fundamentals and Initial Design

* Duration: 30 min
* # of chapters: 2

This tutorial covers the fundamentals of blocking in your model, initial design decisions, and using ZBrush's SubTools and Transpose to facilitate the design process. It focuses on designing the creature's specific features and characteristics. Using Layers and Morph Targets, Cesar creates realistic skin textures and gives the model a sense of realism. This tutorial includes the model.

Realistic Details
Sculpting Realistic Detail on a Brazilian Toad

* Duration: 83 min

In this tutorial, Cesar Dacol Jr. teaches how to sculpt realistic skin details such as wrinkles, warts and skin bunching by hand. As a veteran of the visual effects industry, Cesar passes along techniques used by make-up effects artists for decades. Using Layers, Morph Targets and ZBrush's sculpting brushes he uses a complete sculpting workflow for designing details in a traditional sculpting workflow with all the advantages of digital clay.

Sculpting a Scary Child Character
An In-Depth Look at Sculpting a Scary Child

* Duration: 80 min

In this video, Cesar talks about his thought process for designing this hybrid between Linda Blair's role in Exorcist and Chucky. Chocked full of insights and ZBrush tips this is a must see tutorial and the third in the series of Designing with Digital Clay.

ZBrush Sculpting Techniques

Sketching with Digital Clay: A Monster Head

* Duration: 53 min

Sketching with Digital Clay: A Monster Head covers Jeff McAteer's approach for quickly sketching creature heads using ZBrush. In this tutorial Jeff starts with a basic head shape. Then using the Standard Brush he begins to "search" for the monster's face. Once the monster is roughed in, Jeff moves on to detailing his creature with subtle touches that make the creature come to life.




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