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Home » 2011 » July » 30 » Digital-Tutors : Introduction to Mudbox 2012

Digital-Tutors : Introduction to Mudbox 2012

Digital-Tutors : Introduction to Mudbox 2012
3 hrs. 28 min. |Released on June 30, 2011 |Project Files Included (2149 MB)
Required Software: Mudbox 2012 and up

In this course we will go over every thing you need to know to start using Mudbox 2012.

In this series of lessons you will get a ground up look at the powerful sculpting and texture painting application, Mudbox. We will begin by taking a look at the Mudbox interface and talking about the basics of working with geometry in Mudbox. We will cover methods for getting geometry into Mudbox, how to transform it around the scene, and subdivide it in preparation for sculpting. We will proceed from there by using a project based approach to cover the sculpting and painting tools. We will also create our own Vector Displacement Maps that we can use to sculpt. We will talk about changing our tool properties to get different results and using stamps and stencils to create various looks. We will go over some on-target presentation features in Mudbox and move on to painting textures. We will cover the Mudbox paint layer functionality and talk about new features in 2012 like uv-less PTEX painting and layer masks. We will talk about the Pose tools and painting opacity maps for our meshes. We'll finish up by talking about how Mudbox integrates with other applications like Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max, and Softimage. This course will give you the chance to learn the ins and outs of Mudbox by going through the process with a project based approach. Once you have completed these lessons, you will be able to take what you have learned and apply it to your own work.

30 videos in this course

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Overview of the user interface
3. Navigating the 3d view
4. Using Mudbox starting points
5. Importing geometry
6. Subdividing geometry
7. Working with geometry
8. Overview of the sculpting and painting tools
9. Beginning the dragonfly sculpt
10. Detailing the dragonfly body
11. Detailing the dragonfly head
12. Adding surface detail with stamps
13. Using the pose tools to shape the legs
14. Sculpting the legs
15. Creating and using Vector Displacement Maps
16. Using sculpt layers
17. Working with materials
18. Adding lights to the scene
19. Using the viewport filters
20. Adding a base color to the body
21. Painting the main body color
22. Using layer masks to modify the texture
23. Adjusting the body color
24. Painting the leg texture
25. Painting an opacity map for the wings
26. Painting the wing color
27. Using PTEX to paint the eyes
28. Modifying textures with Photoshop
29. Extracting maps in Mudbox
30. Integrating Mudbox with other applications
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