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Home » 2011 » July » 24 » Digital-Tutors : Rendering Interiors with mental ray and Maya 2011

Digital-Tutors : Rendering Interiors with mental ray and Maya 2011

Digital-Tutors : Rendering Interiors with mental ray and Maya 2011
2 hrs. 35 min. |Released on April 4, 2011 |Project Files Included (34 MB)
Required Software: Maya 2011 and up

In this series of lessons we will explore techniques and workflows for setting up realistic lighting for your interior scenes, and rendering these scenes using mental ray.

The ability to realistically light an interior environment is a skill that is highly sought after in the CG industry. It is a skill that is used very heavily in areas such as feature films, games, and architectural visualizations. This course will explore the entire, step-by-step process of lighting your scenes. We will start by learning how to make sure that our lights are behaving in a way that is physically accurate by utilizing real-world light data in our scenes. From there, we will learn how to incorporate realistic secondary illumination into our scenes, learn how to create physically-accurate materials in Maya, and explore many techniques and workflows designed to help you overcome many of the common issues that you are likely to encounter in your own scenes.

19 videos in this course

1. Introduction and project overview
2. The importance of scene scale in rendering
3. Preparing scene for initial rendering
4. Utilizing IES light profiles in mental ray
5. Adding secondary illumination to our scene
6. Using lens shaders to improve lighting results
7. Gamma-correcting materials and textures in Maya
8. Assigning materials to the walls and ceiling
9. Creating materials for the kitchen cabinets
10. Creating a material for the kitchen table
11. Adding realistic color temperature to lights
12. Adding additional light sources to our kitchen scene
13. Adding a final light source into our kitchen scene
14. Building a brushed metal material in Maya
15. Fixing common reflection and refraction errors in Maya
16. Improving glossy reflection quality in mental ray
17. Adding visible illumination sources to our scene
18. Enhancing shadows and indirect illumination in our scene
19. Making final quality adjustments to our render
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