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Home » 2011 » July » 18 » Digital-Tutors : Rigging the Human Face in Maya 2011

Digital-Tutors : Rigging the Human Face in Maya 2011

Digital-Tutors : Rigging the Human Face in Maya 2011
6 hrs. 45 min. |Released on May 2, 2011 |Project Files Included (135 MB)
Required Software: Maya 2011 and up

In this collection of lessons we will learn about a wide variety of useful tools and techniques for rigging a human face.

This course covers tools and techniques for rigging the human face in Maya. Throughout the course we will focus on providing animators with the control they need to create natural expressions with a control rig that computes fast. We will also creatively explore several techniques and tools that can be used to create realistic deformations. Step by step, we will construct a facial control system that is robust and animator-friendly. We will learn everything from how to create a reverse-jaw rig, rigging with curves for flexibility, how to create sticky controls, fleshy eyes, and we will also cover how to set up preset expressions for fast animation.

55 videos in this course

1. Introduction and project overview
2. The expectations of the facial control rig.
3. Setting up a shelf to access our rigging tools
4. Building the primary bones of our head rig
5. Creating the jaw bones
6. Creating the eye bones
7. Group hierarchy for the facial rig
8. Binding the face
9. Blocking in the weights of the lower jaw
10. Blocking in the weights of the head
11. Refine the deformations around the corners of the mouth
12. Correcting the deformations of the neck and head
13. Using curves to control the deformations of the eyebrows
14. Rigging the brow curves with clusters
15. Weighting the clusters of the brow curves
16. Making the brow curves influence objects
17. Fine-tuning the brow deformations
18. Setting up the nose bones
19. Painting weights on the nose
20. Beginning the lip rig
21. Blocking the weights of the lips / connecting the blend shape
22. Correcting the deformations of the lips
23. Finishing the lip deformations
24. Building the eye lid rig
25. Deforming the eye lids
26. Beginning the fleshy eye rig
27. Wrapping up the fleshy eye rig
28. Setting up the cheek deformations
29. Tying the cheek shapes to the blend shape head
30. Completing the cheek rig
31. Extra cheek deformations
32. Setting up the lip rolls
33. Finishing the lip roll functionality
34. Creating animation controls for the head and neck
35. The Jaw controls
36. Setting up a system to glue the lip controls to the face
37. Finishing the lip connection meshes for the sticky controls
38. Gluing the lip controls to the mouth
39. The lip controls
40. Driving the lip clusters with the lip controls
41. Building a control to translate the mouth
42. Custom attributes for the lip rolls and cheek expansion shapes
43. Creating the nose controls
44. Completing the nose rig
45. Rigging the eyes
46. The eye controls
47. Finalizing the eye rig
48. The brow controls
49. Creating tongue bones / binding the tongue mesh
50. Finishing the tongue rig
51. Trouble-shooting the lip controls
52. Cleaning up the control rig
53. Character sets for animation
54. Preset expressions for fast animation
55. Connecting the facial rig to a character control rig
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