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Home » 2011 » May » 18 » Dynamic Effects

Dynamic Effects

Dynamic Effects Maya Techniques with Alex_Alvarez

Bullets, Dust Hits and Debris
Duration: 179 min

When objects impact the ground, such as bullets or footsteps, one often expects to see an effect such as a puff of dust (dust hit) or a burst of debris. This four part tutorial demonstrates how to create dust hits and debris from bullets hitting the ground, fired by an animated jet fighter composited into a live action background.

Pixie Dust Using Sprites
Duration: 94 min

Pixie dust... magical powder that emanates from the land of faery and those that inhabit it. Associated with Disney films, Pixie Dust also manages to find itself in movie theatre promos, bumpers, commercials and many video games. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a dynamic Pixie Dust effect using sprites.

Creating and Rendering Sparks
Duration: 60 min

Sparks are a fairly common, yet simple, effect that can be effectively created using Maya dynamics. This tutorial demonstrates sparks from a collision, as well as from a pulsing (expression driven) emitter. Starting from scratch we generate the required elements to produce the effect: volume emitter, particles, fields, animation, expressions, Collision Events, particle shader and utility nodes. For rendering we utlize the Tube software render type as the final output, yet we also discuss how sparks can be rendered using the MultiStreak hardware render type.

Sprite Rendering Fundamentals
26 min

Sprite rendering of particles is an incredibly efficient and powerful method for designing an almost unlimited variety of effects. When particles are set to Sprites, an image or sequence (with transparency) can be mapped onto the individual particles. As any image can be used, the possibilities are endless: Snowflakes, optiFX, smoke, fog, dust, fire, splashes, flying birds, dust hits, etc. This tutorial demostrates the fundamental knowledge necessary to utilize sprite rendering in Maya. Shader set-up and managing PP attributes (spriteNum, spriteScale, spriteTwist, lighting) are discussed.

Ground Explosion
180 min

This tutorial demonstrates how to generate a volumetric ground explosion that is software rendered with cloud particles. Through the use of emitters, particles, fields, collisions, instancing, expressions, cloud shading, lighting, rendering and compositing, the effect is generated from scratch.

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