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Home » 2011 » May » 12 » Rendering and Texturing in 3ds Max with Ramy_Hanna

Rendering and Texturing in 3ds Max with Ramy_Hanna

Rendering and Texturing in 3ds Max with Ramy_Hanna

3DS Max Rendering Iridescence w/ the Shellac Material

Duration: 23 min
In this tutorial, Ramy Hanna covers the funadamentals of creating iridescent materials in 3ds Max. Iridescence is an optical phenomenon in which hue changes depending on the angle at which it is being viewed. Iridescence can be seen in cds, shells and bubbles. Ramy starts with a reflective material and details how he uses Max's Shellac material to create a three channel material that accurately recreates the optical effect of iridescence.

3DS Max Texturing with Arch & Design Mental Ray Materials

Duration: 64 min
Ramy Hanna, goes through texturing 9 different materials with the Arch & Design shader through Mental Ray for 3ds Max 2009. He covers materials such as plastic, cloth, chrome, glass, concrete, brick and wood all in this 60 minute tutorial. This tutorial is a must for anyone needing a crash course on architectural texturing. Materials covered are: plastic, cloth, chrome, glass, concrete, brick, painted walls, and wood.

Lighting Interior Spaces

Duration: 70 min
In Lighting Interior Spaces, Ramy Hanna will demonstrate the techniques necessary to achieve, not only beautiful and realistic interior renders, but will also show you how to optimally set up your renders for speed and efficiency. This tutorial will discuss topics such as Global Illumination, Final Gather, as well as using Photometric Lights for the most realistic interior renders.

Category: Tutorials | Views: 950 | Added: defaultNick | Tags: 3ds, Hanna, Max, rendering, Ramy, Texturing, in, and, with | Rating: 0.0/0

Total Comments: 2
2 stromspeed   [Entry]
Thank you so much for sharing~ biggrin

1 klutz2k   [Entry]
Thanks a lot Nick! Great to finally have the whole collection... smile

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