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Home » 2011 » May » 3 » The complete "Comic Book" collection

The complete "Comic Book" collection

The complete "Comic Book" collection
7 courses | 9.3GB

For all 3DS Portal fans who wish to improve their comic book skills. smile


Comic Book Pencilling with David Finch
In this first DVD of a series on comic book illustration techniques, David Finch takes you step-by-step through the processes he uses to create the highly detailed pencils of a comic book page. This lecture will lead you from the very basics of tube forms and page layouts to the finishing techniques of rendering and texturing an image. You'll also learn about the physical tools used by the artist to create various effects and backgrounds. This DVD also gives you a first-hand look at the evolutionary process an artist undertakes in the conception and development of a new character, including the artist's thoughts and decision making, and how mistakes and design problems can be resolved when they arise.

Comic Book Inking with Joe Weems
In this second DVD of a series, Joe Weems shows and explains in detail the technical aspect of comic book illustration inking. Starting with the tools of the trade and examples of warm-up exercises, this instructional DVD contains a wealth of knowledge with extreme close-up shots of the artist's hand working on select portions of the image. This focus on the work allows the viewer to gain a better understanding and appreciation of how the ink line is applied and constructed. Joe will present examples of free-hand inking and utilizing stencils while discussing influences and personal insight from a career that spans more then sixteen years. This DVD is designed for all aspiring inkers, fans and seasoned professionals with an interest in learning more about the creation and execution of a comic book page.

Comic Book Coloring with Steve Firchow
In this third DVD of a series on comic book illustration techniques, Steve Firchow gives an overview of how to color a comic cover from beginning to end in Adobe Photoshop®. He begins with setting up a piece of black and white line art and describes his process for choosing colors, making rendering decisions and balancing color, light and detail. In addition, he discusses techniques for improving speed and the differences between coloring covers vs. interior comic pages.





Comic Book Pencilling with Stephen Platt
In this DVD, Stephen Platt covers how to create a fully penciled page from beginning to end. He begins with exploration in the thumbnail stage and enlarges the chosen rough thumbnail using a photocopier and lightbox. During the course of the demo, Stephen shows how he indicates change in form, graduated shadows, texture and mass, all while maintaining a dramatic graphic expression. In addition, he discusses industry conventions as well as advice on portfolios and earning a living in professional comics.

Comic Book Layout and Pencilling with Alvin Lee
In this DVD, comic book artist Alvin Lee explores the creation of two sequential comic book pages from script to finished pencils. He begins by dissecting the script through rough thumbnails, evaluating the pros and cons of each. He then lays out the two pages, discussing the importance of storytelling, character placement and readability in a sequential comic book layout. Next, Alvin shows how to prepare the layouts for light-boxing and sets up the final pages. He completes the demonstration discussing his pencilling techniques as he finishes the pencils with his own unique anime/manga influenced style.





Comic Book Illustrations with Phil Noto
In this DVD, Phil Noto shows you his illustration techniques for creating comic book covers and pinups. Using a completely digital workflow, you will see how he goes from a preliminary sketch to finished art. He demonstrates how he uses Adobe Photoshop® for sketching and coloring, and Smith Micro Manga Studio™ for inking the art, while discussing the benefits of each program's toolset. Phil covers topics such as line quality, silhouette, proportions, Photoshop layer and channel management, color palette, brush selection, lighting and texture. Throughout the lecture Phil shows how he balances line, light, color and details to refine his illustration.

Comic Book Pin Ups with Joe Benitez
In this DVD, Joe Benitez unveils the secrets of drawing alluring comic book style pin-up characters. Sex appeal and allure is conveyed through many methods including stylized proportions, foreshortening, twists and curves. The importance of facial expression is also discussed in the context of conveying the right mood or emotion, along how this ties the character together.




Category: Tutorials | Views: 1192 | Added: klutz2k | Tags: Illustration, coloring, Layout, pencilling, book, inking, comic, pin ups | Rating: 0.0/0

Total Comments: 6
6 klutz2k   [Entry]
Hey Indole (and others concerned),

I've re-upped CB5 and CB7 sets, you'll have to re-down the whole set I'm afraid, but I've left the original archives on my hard drive in case I need to re-up even these. Let me know how you fare. smile

5 Indole   [Entry]
Take your time man, thanks a lot!!!

4 klutz2k   [Entry]
Indole, you're not the only one with an issue with those two, so I'll re-up the whole cb5 and cb7 sets, hopefully post new links within the next 24 hrs. smile

3 Indole   [Entry]
I did it again, to have a confirm: the last package of cb5 and the last one of cb7 are definitely corrupted. Is it too much work for you man?
Thanks for your time!

2 klutz2k   [Entry]
Hi Indole,

Please try re-downloading those particular files (and the file just before them in each set) and let me know if I need to re-up. I deleted my original archive sets so I'll have to make them again if I have to re-up... smile

1 Indole   [Entry]
Hi klutz, those archives seems to be corrupted on both providers:



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