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Home » 2011 » May » 5 » The "Techniques of Neville Page" Collection

The "Techniques of Neville Page" Collection

The Techniques of Nev.ille Page, Volumes 1 - 4
8hr 24min | 2.45GB | 3DSportal special

Character Design - Fantasy Wildebeest
Neville breaks down the development of character design and drawing into a systematic process that is easy to follow and easy to implement. He starts off with a very free form approach utilizing black/white thumbnails to create strong silhouettes. This also helps to take the edge off of the potential intimidation at the start of a project. Neville shows you how to create plausible anatomy, form delineation via simple primitive shape studies and surface detailing such as skin, wrinkles, hair and graphics.

Digital Painting - Fantasy Wildebeest
Drawing on the content from his Character Design and Sketching DVD, Neville paints a quick photo-realistic illustration using techniques employed within Photoshop. He starts off by establishing a color palette and value study by generating a small thumbnail painting. This becomes the foundation for the final illustration. Neville demonstrates various texture brushes and glazing techniques to create a quick, yet realistic representation of animal skin. The lesson reveals techniques for hair and detailing, as well as graphic treatments and color shifting. Neville also shows how to create a simple photographic studio setting for your character.

Rendering Eyes
Making eyes appear rich and soulful is critical to conveying character. In "Rendering Eyes", Neville Page clearly describes a process for rendering beautiful, frightening, or appropriately horrible eyes. Detailing the anatomy of the eye, he explains how to approach the various details that contribute to a natural looking eye including reflection, glossiness, refraction, color, veins, the iris and wetness. Whether you choose to start with an existing sketch, render from scratch, or paint over a rough sculpture – all of which are described during the course of the lesson – these techniques are crucial to any character rendering.

Rendering Flesh
In this lecture, Neville leads you methodically through the process of creating a wet, fleshy creature. First emphasizing the importance of reference, the properties of fleshy surfaces are deconstructed. Neville teaches how to create custom brushes by sampling from an image, how to define the diffuse, specular and translucent qualities of flesh, and he also provides a thorough reflectivity demonstration. Leaving little to chance or guesswork, through process and technique, Neville illustrates the ways in which he achieves his character’s disturbingly real skin textures




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