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Home » 2011 » June » 7 » Covered 3D Creature Development in Zbrush Maya Photoshop and AE

Covered 3D Creature Development in Zbrush Maya Photoshop and AE

Covered 3D Creature Development in Zbrush Maya Photoshop and After Effects
1280x720 | 11 hrs | 3.4 GB | mp4
Genre: eLearning

3D Creature Development is a creative process that evolves a design by taking advantage of modern 3D tools and techniques. This Master Class introduces the student Photoshop, Maya, Mental Ray, UVLayout, ZBrush, BodyPaint, SynthEyes, After Effects. to the entire pipeline, while exploring form, looks and behavior.
Along the way we focus on the experience of working on a project where our work must regularly be presented to an art director or client, while also keeping in mind that the workflow should allow for an iterative approach.
This requires an emphasis on speed and efficiency. Projects are never done, they are due. You can tweak things forever, but in the end your work just needs to satisfy the demands of the project, client or specific shot that the work is being made for. With this in mind, all of my techniques are based on a workflow that allows me to spend as little, or as much time, as I have been given. For this creature project, the deadline was one day for each of the seven stages of development: Design, Modeling and UV Layout, Digital Sculpting, Look-Development, Texturing and Shaders, Rigging and Posing, Animation and Live-Action Integration.
Regarding the level of technical details we go into for each stage of development, this Master Class thoroughly discusses and demonstrates every single step with over twenty-five hours of lecture. However, there are certain assumptions that have to be made in regards to the student's technical knowledge of the tools being used. This is an intermediate level course.

Topics Covered:
Observe an entire creature development pipeline from design to animation.
Learn techniques that emphasize efficiency while facilitating exploration.
2D sketching, design and orthographic preparation in Adobe Photoshop.
Polygon Modeling and developing an organized Topology.
Digital Sculpting: Normal, Displacement and Cavity Maps.
Creating Turnarounds and Turntable Animations.
Exploring Texture and Shader Looks in 2D using 3D rendered passes.
Developing Subsurface Materials with Image Based Lighting (HDR).
Rigging: Skinning, Inverse Kinematics, Animation Controls, Pose tests.
Camera Matching, Tracking and Integration with HD 1080p footage.
Creature Animation integration with multiple live-action locations.

Tools: Photoshop, Maya, Mental Ray, UVLayout, ZBrush, BodyPaint, SynthEyes, After Effects.
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