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Home » 2011 » June » 12

Digital Tutors - Creature Texturing in MARI

Creating highly detailed textures for our characters can often be a difficult task. MARI gives us a lot of flexibility in creating those textures and allows us to break down our models into a large number of high resolution textures that we can paint on simultaneously. In this series of lessons we will go through the process of using MARI to create textures for high resolution creatures. We will begin by setting up our MARI project, with our geometry and texture channels, and setting up the workspace.
Category: Tutorials | Views: 526 | Added: defaultNick | Date: 12.06.2011 | Comments (0)

The Secrets of Organic Modeling Lightwave Modeling Techniques with Taron | 1.49 GB

Artists like Taron are hard to find. A gifted artist, animator, musician and programmer, Taron has inspired artists around the world and deserves to be hailed as a master and guru." The Secrets of Organic Modeling" is a complete introduction to Taron's modeling methodology for subdivision based geometry.
Category: Tutorials | Views: 562 | Added: Maxo | Date: 12.06.2011 | Comments (0)

mocha Pro is the newest in Imagineer System's mocha family and unites the best features from Mokey and Monet with the familiar mocha interface. Get working fast within a day with Curious Turtle's new training course - Beyond Tracking. Like mocha Pro itself, this course builds on the Imagineer's industry-leading planar tracking software.
Category: Tutorials | Views: 545 | Added: Maxo | Date: 12.06.2011 | Comments (0)


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