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Home » 2011 » April » 13 » Digital Environment Workflow From Concept Sketch to 3D Render with Mark Lefitz

Digital Environment Workflow From Concept Sketch to 3D Render with Mark Lefitz

Digital Environment Workflow
From Concept Sketch to 3D Render with Mark Lefitz | 5.71GB

In this two-disc set, Mark Lefitz creates a fully realized 3D model from an original concept painting by Feng Zhu. He discusses the analysis and setup of the shot, and demonstrates his techniques for efficiently creating a 3D environment using Maya’s polygon and NURBS tool-kit.

Mark explains scene blocking, using animated cameras and their attributes, and how to integrate an animated object in the scene. He manipulates Maya fluids to show how to achieve the desired 3D sky environment, and shows some of his techniques for using painted textures and properly applying UVs. With a painted map from the scene, Mark breaks down the various components and shows how to apply layers to Maya shaders for maximum effect. In Shake, Mark demonstrates the use of Depth, Normals and Occlusion passes, and how to manipulate them in the comp to achieve atmosphere and zblur. Lastly, he explains how to use ambient occlusion as a method for Global Illumination, and discusses the initial setup and optimization for this pass and its integration into the final comp.

* Modeling Perspective Setup
* Rough Polygon Modeling
* Detailed NURBS Techniques
* Scene Blocking
* Camera Setup and Animation
* Sky Creation
* Texture Layering
* UV Mapping
* Exterior Lighting
* Zdepth
* Render Layers
* Atmosphere
* Ambient Occlusion
* Compositing Techniques

Chapters: DISC ONE

1.Concept Art Review
2. Image Plane Setup
3. Polygon Rough Modeling Part 1 (Terminal)
4. Polygon Rough Modeling Part 2 (Rear)
5. Polygon Detail Modeling Part 1 (Mechanical)
6. Polygon Detail Modeling Part 2
7. Object Modeling (Space Ship)
8. Camera Animation Part 1
9. Camera Animation Part 2
10. Sky Creation with Maya Fluids

Chapters: DISC TWO

1. Texture/Shader Workflow
2. UV Mapping Workflow
3. Painted Texture Overview
4. Shake Comp Deciphered
5. Render Pass Control
6. Exterior Environment Lighting
7. Matte Passes
8. Using Z-Depth
9. Ambient Occlusion Overview
10. Rear View Wrap Up


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3 limbora   [Entry]
Great share. Thanks

2 Sephirox   [Entry]
Yeah Fileserve, I don´t know why Filesonic is downloading at only 60kbs/s when I have premium :S...

1 javier4d   [Entry]
fileserve links please
great share

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