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Home » 2011 » April » 30 » Idrawgirls - Character Design 2 - Paladin

Idrawgirls - Character Design 2 - Paladin

Idrawgirls - Character Design Tutorial 2 - Paladin
.wmv | eBook | Brushes | 386Mb

PRODUCT FEATURE : (Instant Download!)Over 3 hours of Video tutorials, included 9 Chapters
Full Length Video tutorial on How to create Female Warrior concept art.
Learn to paint Metal, Cloth, Leather, Hair, Skin and Fur.

HD Resolution (approx: 1280 x 720) Video Media files.
Learn to utilize layers, tools, and brushes walk through using Photoshop as a painting tool.
Learn to use Overlay, Dodge, and Screen mod function
Learn to use multiple Adjustment layer mode functions.
Revealing Methods & Techniques that could not be shown in my free tutorials.
PLUS! Bonus Download an accompanied E-BOOK of Still Images (step-by step) in PDF.
Additional Bonus Tons of Photoshop Custom Brushes.

Learn to DESIGN Female Character concept fantasy style for video games and cinematics. This TUTORIAL shows you how to start, develop your idea into visual design. From rough sketchs, refine monochrome rendering method and painting Female Knight Character design. From video games, comics cinematics, as an artist there are so many ideas and challenges we have to encounter and we will have to be able to execute. We will definitely have to sketch and draw many things that doesn't exist in the real world situation from time to time. It is IMPORTANT for us to be able to design badass and unique WARRIOR dude in dec-up armor. This tutorial will show you how to quickly establish unique figure into armored warrior concept using Photoshop and it variety of tools. The tutorial takes you through step-by-step the creation of a fantasy character design process. First, we covered the basics form, silhuette, and values foundation, then the use of color schemes and composition in your concept. Follow by the essential lighting, values and depth of field. With this tutorial, you will be equipped with insight character concept foundation, you can now create a dynamic, convincing, colorful, and uniquely butts kicking warrior concept art that you have always envision.

01) Sketch and design heavy duty armor.
02) Block in and basic values.
03) Refining shapes, value and composition.
04) Painting metal armor.
05) Painting face and hair.
06) Polish metal ornate design.
07) Painting cloth and fur.
08) Under lighting.
09) Finish up the concept illustration.

Topics covered:
-Learn to paint metal, fur, hair, cloth and skin.
-Learn to design armor and weapon.
-Focus on the Big Shapes and values.
-Establishing figure & silhouette using values.
-Balancing composition using cool and warm colors.
-Working with Photoshop
-Rough Sketching and blocking in shapes
-Working with soft and hard edges
-Dealing with depth using value.
-Under lighting, secondary lighting.
-Manipulating values, shapes, and color for figure.
-Basic temporature and valuesranges.
-Working with Metal and clothes (Dark and Light).
-Finishing quick concept design.

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