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Home » 2012 » March » 9 » Simplymaya Modeling BMW

Simplymaya Modeling BMW

Simplymaya Modeling BMW | 1.7Gb
English | Audio: mp3, 24000 Hz, 32 kb/s | Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 800x600
Genre: eLearning / Maya Tutorials

This tutorial is meant for intermediate to advanced users who have an understanding of the Maya interface and tools. We will start off the car by setting up image planes of top, side, front and back views to aid us in seeing the correct shape of the car from all angles. Once the image planes are up we will start modeling using a variety of different modeling methods including nurbs curves, nurbs primatives as well as polygons to achieve the basic shape of the car.

Then we'll combine and edit the geometry to refine our shape and start adding details where lights are found for the contours of the body. Some of the tools we will be using are split polygon, cut face tools. as well as extrude face and edge tools. When the modeling of the car is complete we will begin setting it up for texturing. We'll cover the UV editor and how to lay flat UV's of your geometry using the tool set found in the editor. We will then take a snapshot of the UV's and import them into a paint program where you will learn how to add color using layers as well as the basic techniques of adding stripes of color to your car if you wanted to do so in the future.

Once we have color on our car we will dive into lights and material editing so that we can start getting a nice realistic look and feel. You will learn how to adjust settings on your paint color material to get different effects as well as how to adjust your lights in many different ways to enhance your color by adding highlights and reflections. The last part covers how to do your final renders.

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