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Home » 2012 » February » 20 » Deke's Techniques (Lessons 1 to 94)

Deke's Techniques (Lessons 1 to 94)

Deke's Techniques (Lessons 1 to 94) | 5.6 Gb
mov | AVC 960x540 ~30 fps ~300Kbps | AAC 48kHz 2ch 128Kbps
Language: English | Project files: included | Genre: Tutorial, Photoshop, After Effects

Deke's Techniques is a collection of short Photoshop and Illustrator projects and creative effects that can be completed in ten minutes or less. The series is taught by computer graphics guru Deke McClelland, and presented in his signature step-by-step style. The intent is to reveal how various Photoshop and Illustrator features can be combined and leveraged in real-world examples so that they can be applied to creative projects right away.

001 Creating ice type 08m 39s
002 Branding type on a texture 07m 06s
003 Creating an image-branding machine 07m 13s
004 Capturing effects with layer comps 07m 35s
005 Rendering type in gold 08m 09s
006 Creating a hammered metal background 05m 48s
007 Creating heavy metal type 08m 13s
008 Creating a molten letter effect 06m 43s
009 Setting type on fire 11m 20s
010 Using an anti-edge mask 07m 20s
011 Blending textures onto a face 09m 28s
012 Rendering a face as a cave painting 07m 34s
013 Creating a reflection in shattered glass 08m 32s
014 Creating a face in a tree 11m 20s
015 Building a synthetic star field 08m 21s
016 Making 3D type with Repoussé 10m 14s
017 Casting 3D shadows and reflections 09m 35s
018 Adjusting 3D light sources 10m 51s
019 Masking highlights and shadows 06m 27s
020 Masking glass 10m 39s
021 High key, high contrast 08m 33s
022 Simulating sub-pixel rendering 10m 58s
023 Fixing chromatic aberrations in Photoshop 09m 41s
024 Fixing chromatic aberrations in Camera Raw 08m 51s
025 Correcting red-eye like a pro 11m 56s
026 Turning a photo into an ink drawing 10m 42s
027 Turning a photo into a pencil sketch 08m 43s
028 Creating a seamlessly repeating pattern 10m 56s
029 Repairing seams in a repeating pattern 10m 47s
030 Creating a 3D pie chart 11m 09s
031 Splitting and modifying 3D meshes 11m 52s
032 Using the Ground Plane Shadow Catcher 06m 58s
033 Creating a talk show-style curtain 07m 57s
034 Assembling a flawless panorama 10m 05s
035 Removing people with image stacks 11m 44s
036 Creative stacking with Maximum and Range 11m 44s
037 Creating synthetic wood grain 09m 23s
038 Making slats of uniquely textured wood 10m 52s
039 Kerning within a single character 10m 31s
040 Creating a raised bevel effect 11m 49s
041 Putting wings on a horse 10m 41s
042 Creating a classic heart in Illustrator 07m 15s
043 Glossing up a heart in Photoshop 08m 42s
044 Shooting and assembling a stereoscopic photo 08m 15s
045 Extending 3D beyond the screen plane 06m 13s
046 Adding stereo 3D text and shapes 09m 09s
047 Tilting text and shapes toward the viewer 08m 13s
048 Creating a shooting star in Illustrator 06m 33s
049 Using blends to draw path outlines 08m 08s
050 Inventing custom starbursts 07m 33s
051 Making a fictional creature 12m 05s
052 Transforming a creature into a monster 06m 14s
053 Capturing a monster in motion 11m 45s
054 Changing the color of a car 07m 12s
055 Painting a colorful car black 08m 16s
056 Coloring the stripes on a zebra 10m 47s
057 Drawing trendy swirls in Illustrator 10m 59s
058 Creating variable-width and brushed swirls 10m 46s
059 Drawing trendy ornaments in Illustrator 08m 49s
060 Designing a magically updating pattern 08m 40s
061 Automatically collapsing a selection 07m 43s
062 Adding a magnifying glass into a design 07m 05s
063 Healing one eye onto another 07m 18s
064 Creating a giant command key 09m 15s
065 Drawing common symbols, part 1 06m 29s
066 Drawing common symbols, part 2 09m 26s
067 Filtering images with Camera Raw 07m 52s
068 Creating a vivid HDR effect 05m 29s
069 Creating an ambigram in Illustrator 10m 46s
070 Making a two-word ambigram 07m 47s
071 Drawing a Halloween scareflake 10m 45s
072 Creating true clones in Illustrator 11m 07s
073 Taking your scareflakes into Photoshop 07m 20s
074 Making a faux HDR image in Lab 08m 38s
075 Turning a guy into a zombie 07m 03s
076 Miniaturizing the world in Photoshop 06m 45s
077 Creating a synthetic rainbow 08m 53s
078 Casting an artificial shadow from a layer 07m 02s
079 Rendering a portrait in type 08m 58s
080 Rendering a portrait in tile patterns 07m 43s
081 Rotating a pattern layer in Photoshop 04m 16s
082 Tracing an image with path outlines 07m 50s
083 Turning path outlines into a vector mask 06m 00s
084 Drawing rays of light in Photoshop 05m 40s
085 Drawing concentric glow rings 07m 30s
086 Designing an Indiana Jones-style logo 08m 50s
087 Achieving mitered corners in Photoshop 05m 43s
088 Masking with Photoshop’s Blunt Instruments 11m 08s
089 Creating a stained-glass ornament 08m 26s
090 Designing a stained-glass window 10m 23s
091 Removing people from a photo 10m 44s
092 Masking people back into a photo 10m 58s
093 Hand-painting a mask 10m 05s
094 Masking a real-life shadow 10m 40s

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1 warthoggraphics   [Entry]
Thanks for this, great post, past this on to a few guys now, very easy to follow...

Has anyone got the rest of them yet????

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