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Home » 2012 » February » 7 » Digital-Tutors - Finishing a Car Animation Render in Maya and Composite

Digital-Tutors - Finishing a Car Animation Render in Maya and Composite

Digital-Tutors - Finishing a Car Animation Render in Maya and Composite
2 hrs. 48 min. | Project Files Included (208 MB)
Required Software: Maya 2012 and Photoshop CS5

In this series of lessons we’ll learn how to take a basic render scene and add textures, render it and composite it into a finished shot. We'll be covering all the steps needed to take a plain render and make it better.

We’ll begin this project by creating a procedural dirt shader for our ground cover. Then we'll hop into Photoshop to create a photographic texture for our road. We'll then add some detail using more procedural textures to break up the edges of the road and create a broken concrete feel. From there we will set up a particle system for our tires and create render layers and passes. Finally we will composite our shot using the Maya Precomp feature and Maya Composite. We'll learn how to color correct our passes, add various blurs and composite everything together into an integrated shot.

23 videos in this course

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Creating the Dirt shader with brownian and fractal textures
3. Adding a displacement to break up the sharp edges
4. Building the road color by editing photos together
5. Cropping the photograph to change perspective
6. Adding procedural noise by multiplying a rock texture
7. Cracking the road with a procedural granite transparency
8. Limiting the crack effect to only the edges with a ramp
9. Adding displacements and finishing our road and tar layer
10. Adding particles to our scene to create burning tire smoke
11. Shading our particles and attaching them to the car
12. Setting up render layers and passes and rendering our scene
13. Plugging the particle opacity into our shader and last minute tweaks
14. Using Maya Precomps to speed up our compositing workflow
15. Cleaning up our composite and adding in our background
16. Color correcting and blurring our particles for a more cloudy look
17. Color correcting our entire composition and background to match
18. Using our FG matte and a garbage mask to reduce the diffuse contribution»
19. Creating geometry and setting up the tesselation for the tire streaks
20. Compositing the tire streaks back into our geometry
21. Adding motion blur and a depth of field blur to our scene
22. Adding effects like glow and making small tweaks around the composition
23. Rendering our final sequence

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