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Home » 2010 » October » 21 » Digital Tutors-Automotive Modeling in CINEMA 4D

Digital Tutors-Automotive Modeling in CINEMA 4D

Digital Tutors-Automotive Modeling in CINEMA 4D

3d car models are a mainstay of computer graphics. There are countless types to choose from and they offer a great exercise in building different kinds of geometry. CINEMA 4D offers a number of great options for building cars and in this course we'll put some of those to use building a Rolls Royce.
We'll use a number of box-modeling methods to build the main body of the car. We'll talk about separating out the panels and how we can add resolution and detail selectively using tools like the Knife and Extrude. We'll also cover the use of Cloner Objects to quickly create complex models like the spokes of our wheels. Once our modeling is completed, we'll spend a little time adding materials and textures so that, in the end, we'll come out with a nice final render of our car. We'll touch on a variety of modeling tools that will not only allow you to create this particular vehicle, but to build your own cars and hard surface models more quickly and efficiently.

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Importing back images
3. Blocking out the main shape of the car
4. Shaping the body
5. Separating the panels
6. Separating the front section
7. Detailing the grill
8. Finishing the grill interior
9. Blocking out the fenders
10. Detailing and separating the fenders
11. Finishing the fenders and step
12. Adding the frame pieces
13. Finishing the grill front area
14. Adding headlights
15. Adding small lights
16. Building the pillars and windows
17. Modeling the door handles and mirrors
18. Starting the soft top
19. Adding wrinkles to the soft top
20. Building the soft top side piece
21. Modeling the back of the car
22. Finishing the back and adding bumpers
23. Adding vents to the side of the car Modeling in CINEMA 4D_by_T-mick.part1.rar Modeling in CINEMA 4D_by_T-mick.part2.rar Modeling in CINEMA 4D_by_T-mick.part3.rar Modeling in CINEMA 4D_by_T-mick.part4.rar Modeling in CINEMA 4D_by_T-mick.part5.rar Modeling in CINEMA 4D_by_T-mick.part6.rar Modeling in CINEMA 4D_by_T-mick.part7.rar Modeling in CINEMA 4D_by_T-mick.part8.rar

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