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Back by popular demand, Sjoerd "Hourences” De Jong builds upon the information taught in his first DVD by creating an entire in-game cinematic. Sjoerd starts with a custom existing level and adds rain, wind, thunder, lightning, splashes, puddles, and even plants that react to wind in order to bring the environment to life. From there he goes through adding a character to the scene, adding multiple cameras, triggering a lighting strike, creating an electrifying effect, creating a fire, blowing off a small door and finally setting everything up in kismet/matinee for the final cinematic.

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Category: Tutorials | Views: 673 | Added: defaultNick | Date: 16.10.2010 | Comments (0)

Digital Tutors- Compositing 3D into Video in Maya and Toxik

In this series of lessons we'll learn how to take the output from a motion tracker app into Maya, import a 3D model to light and render then jump into Toxik to composite it with our original footage.

We'll begin this project by setting up our motion tracked scene by adding the original footage and aligning everything to make working easier. We'll then bring in our 3d object and learn how to place it in our scene. We'll then learn how to create ground geometry and match the lighting in our original shot. We'll then setup our scene with multiple render passes and layers to make compositing much easier. After we render, we'll jump into Toxik and learn about such topics as shadow matching, color matte usage and various techniques to match our 3d render with our live action b ... Read more »
Category: Tutorials | Views: 553 | Added: defaultNick | Date: 16.10.2010 | Comments (0)

Digital Tutors- Sculpting a Realistic Bust in ZBrush

In this course, we will learn how to create a realistic human bust using ZBrush.

We will be creating this character entirely within ZBrush, so we will begin by using ZSpheres to create the base mesh for the head and upper torso. From there, we will be going through the process of reshaping and detailing facial features, and in doing so, we will be placing special emphasis on important topics such as proper facial proportions, understanding the importance and function of key facial muscles, understanding the effects of aging on the human face, and making sure we incorporate all of these critical concepts into our final character. We will also use a variety of tools and techniques within ZBrush to create several articles of clothing for our character.

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Category: Tutorials | Views: 665 | Added: defaultNick | Date: 16.10.2010 | Comments (1)


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