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Using Morph and Magic Daemons in RealFlow 5

Lesson Outline (9 lessons)

In this series of lessons we'll learn how to use the morph and magic daemons to have a particle stream morph into an object. We'll also learn how to control our simulation using the Filter daemon.

We'll begin this project by looking at a few simulations using each daemon separately and the issues with each. We'll then add our initial emitter and begin working with the Morph daemon. After learning how the morph daemon operates and which parameters we need to edit to control it, we'll add in our magic daemon. We'll then take a look at how the Filter daemon works and we'll begin setting it to divide our particles. Once we have our particles controlled correctly using exclusive and global links, we'll make some final adjustments to our morph daemon for more appealing motion. We'll finish by meshing our particles and troubleshooting a few mesh issues.
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Category: Tutorials | Views: 718 | Added: defaultNick | Date: 09.10.2010 | Comments (0)

Lesson Outline (14 lessons)
In this series of lessons, we will explore the Hybrido fluid solver, which is a key feature introduced in RealFlow 5.

The Hybrido fluid solver opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for fluid simulation within RealFlow, allowing us to solve millions of particles with relative ease. We will begin this course by learning how to set up specialized domains and emitters for our Hybrido fluids, as well as learning how these particles can be influenced by the RealFlow daemon nodes. From there, we will learn how splash particles can be used to add detail to our fluid bodies. We will also learn how mist and foam can be generated within our Hybrido fluids, adding details and levels of realism that were much more difficult to achieve with previous versions of RealFlow. Finally, we will learn how to generate meshes around our particles and how displacement maps can be created inside of RealFlow to add fine details to our meshes.
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Category: Tutorials | Views: 655 | Added: defaultNick | Date: 09.10.2010 | Comments (1) - Maya 2011 Lighting and Rendering in MentalRay (Exercise files included)
English | H264 960x540 | MP3 96 Kbps | 1.16 GB

Maya 2011 Lighting and Rendering in mental ray with Eric Keller shows how to master practical mental sight techniques for rendering models created in Maya. This course walks through the ~ numerous efficient and innovative mental ray t>echniques, including direct versus indirect lighting methods, creating deviating types of shadows, using the new ShadowMap camera, and reusing typify and final gathering maps. A chapter on optimizing render times and enhancing restore quality is also included. Exercise files are included with the regularity.

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Category: Tutorials | Views: 808 | Added: defaultNick | Date: 09.10.2010 | Comments (0)


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